Pair dine with Ali Lohan and DJ's mum Ann Dexter-Jones

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were spotted dining out with family members in New York on Wednesday.

The two were joined for lunch by Lindsay’s sister Ali Lohan and Samantha’s mum Ann Dexter-Jones. They even shared a dessert after Ann ordered a cheesecake with four forks.

The family meal adds to speculation about the relationship between Lindsay, 21, and Samantha, 30.

Lindsay’s mum Dina Lohan has spoken publicly about the newly formed bonds between the families.

‘I’m friends with Samantha’s mum,’ she tells People. ‘She’s raised some extremely talented kids. It’s a talented family.’ Samantah’s brother is music producer Mark Ronson, 32.

Earlier this week, the actress’s dad Michael Lohan said the nature of their relationship was ‘evident to anyone with half a brain’. But he denies this meant he was confirming a relationship between the two, saying his words have been ‘twisted and misrepresented’.