Actress is Exhibit A in adultery papers

Lindsay Lohan has been named in the divorce papers of a British heiress, following claims she had sex in the toilets of a US rehab clinic.

Stephanie Allen, 28, whose family is worth £720 million, alleges Lindsay had sex with her rock singer husband Tony Allen, 39, at the Cirque Lodge rehab clinic, Utah.

In the 52-page divorce statement, Stephanie states her three-year marriage ‘is irretrievably broken’ and gives the grounds for divorce as his ‘adultery’ and ‘cruel treatment.’

Exhibit A includes a series of newspaper articles claiming Lohan, 21, had a tryst with Tony while they were both being treated at the clinic.

‘You could definitely tell from watching them that there was something going on,’ says a source in US magazine In Touch. ‘It was very apparent they were a couple.’

Stephanie is said to be ‘devasted’ by the alleged affair.

‘She has had it, period,’ a source tells the Daily Mail. ‘They tried forever to have kids. She went through IVF three times and suffered two miscarriages, and when they finally got two beautiful babies, he hooks up in rehab with a girl half his age.’

Tony has so far denied the sex claims.

However, a source says he recently boasted to his mates: ‘C’mon, it’s Lindsay Lohan. Hell, yes! Wouldn’t you?’

Phil Boucher