Pair fall out after actress flirts with ex Calum Best

Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson are said to have had a huge fight last night over her ex Calum Best.

The couple were partying at London club Boujis when the 27-year-old playboy began dancing with his old flame.

Lindsay was lapping up the attention, having a laugh and a flirt, a source tells the Daily Mirror.

But Sam saw them and went ballistic. She marched over and started pushing and shoving the pair, demanding to know what the hell they were playing at.

They caused quite a commotion everyone was staring. Then it erupted into a catfight, with Sam and Lindsay swearing and screaming like banshees.

‘Calum looked mortified then things got nasty and he stepped in to separate them.

Lindsay, 22, and Sam, 31, headed back to the Kensington Hotel, but the Mean Girls then spent almost an hour sat on the pavement outside in tears, smoking and talking on her mobile.

Lindsay, who dated Calum briefly last year, eventually returned to her room at 6am.

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