The skint star's on a desperate dash for dosh

Since being dropped from the movie Inferno, about porn star Linda Lovelace, job offers haven’t been rolling in for Lindsay Lohan.

But the actress has done deals with clothes shops and beauty manufacturers to advertise them via her Twitter page in an attempt to pay off her debts after rehab.

Lindsay has over 1.4 million Twitter followers,’ a friend tells Now.

She knows by mentioning a company she’s advertising to her fans and if that pays the bills she’s happy.

‘She’s not the first celebrity to advertise on her Tweets – Kim Kardashian does it – and it’s kept cash coming in while she’s been unable to work.’

Li-Lo,  24, had a tough 2010, falling off the wagon and spending time in prison and rehab, but she’s vowed to turn her life around.

The ex-drug and alcohol addict – 100 days sober last month – owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to friends, including £6,500 to Samantha Ronson and more than £350,000 on credit cards.

She also struggled to pay her £200,000 bail in September and had to call in a few favours.

Lindsay owes a lot of people,’ adds the friend.

Paying for her stint in rehab finished her off. But she’s determined to work hard and take every gig she’s offered to get back on track.’

We hope so, Linds, but we’ve heard this before…

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