Oh dear!

She was reportedly given a ‘legal warning’ asking her to stop ‘attacking’ her ex-husband’s new girlfriend on social media, but Lisa Armstrong made her feelings clear about Ant McPartlin and Anne Marie Corbett, as she went on a liking spree on Twitter yesterday.

The make up artist hit the like button on a tweet which claimed her ex and his girlfriend were ‘mocking’ her.

Lisa, 42, was responding to pictures of the new couple out on a walk in Wimbledon on Thursday.


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During their outing, Anne-Mare was seen wearing a cheeky top with the words ‘HITT happens’ written across it – a playful reference to the term ‘s*** happens.’

ant mcpartlin

And it seems the statement struck a chord with Lisa, who appeared to take offence to the item of clothing, liking a tweet which called Anne’s choice of outfit ‘immature’ and a ‘mockery’ to Lisa.

There’s absolutely No reason to wear a top with HIIT HAPPENS on it. She is mocking YOU Lisa,’ the fan wrote.

‘That much is true. It’s been a year next month and they need to move on w/out acting immature. Merry Christmas Lisa. A brand New year beckons for you…’

It comes after Lisa was reportedly issued with a legal warning after responding to negative Tweets following their break up.

As their divorce was finalised in October – after Ant, 43, admitted to adultery with his new girlfriend – Lisa was allegedly advised to stop ‘attacking’ Anne-Marie via social media.

‘It’s getting increasingly bitter. After everything Lisa has been through she feels so angry and hurt,’ a source said at the time.

‘Lisa was at a very low point earlier in the summer when she realised their marriage was over and felt betrayed when Ant admitted he was in a relationship with Anne-Marie, who she thought was her friend.’

‘She was inundated with supportive comments on social media. She liked some posts but she didn’t expect a legal warning.’

But despite the supposed warning, Lisa hasn’t held back from hitting the heart symbol under Tweets supporting her.

And with it being one year on and the divorce now finalised, when will their social media war end?