The Strictly Come Dancing makeup artist has hit back

Lisa Armstrong has insisted she ‘won’t be bullied’ during her divorce proceedings from her estranged husband Ant McPartlin.

The Strictly Come Dancing makeup artist was hitting back at reports she wanted more than half of Ant’s estimated £62million fortune.

And many of her fans were defending her, with one praising Lisa for being “dignified”, adding they “can only imagine the pain she is in”.

Lisa retweeted the fan and added: “”Thanks hun, I won’t be bullied…. x”


It comes after reports that Lisa had rejected Ant’s settlement deal and is taking him back to court to “have her day”.

Ant and Lisa have been arguing over who is going to get custody of their beloved Labrador dog, Hurley, as well as who gets to keep their marital home in London’s Chiswick.

And Ant is apparently ‘desperate’ to reach a divorce settlement before the launch of I’m A Celebrity on Sunday, which is why he set up mediation talks so they can sort it out away from court.

A source told the Mail on Sunday: “What the general public and his fans don’t realise is that Ant’s decision to end the marriage came after years of Lisa trying to save him from himself.

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“There were at least three years when she was at her wits’ end and it was tough. Watching him move on was very, very difficult.

“Lisa is very much aware that a judge may not award her as much as Ant is offering but she doesn’t care.”

But then one of Lisa’s Twitter followers called her greedy, and she wasn’t having any of it.

They asked: “How can 31million, not be enough for you?! It’s enough for both me and my family put together for life. Just sayin’.”

Lisa snapped back: “Don’t believe the lies #justsaying.”

This is the first time Lisa has been so open about her and Ant’s divorce – other than when she found out he was dating her former personal assistant Anne-Marie Corbett in June.