On National Pregnany and Infant Loss Day, Lisa Osbourne, wife of Jack Osbourne, discusses the lasting pain after her miscarriage in 2013

Lisa Osbourne, wife of Jack, has opened up about her tragic miscarriage in an Instagram post, to mark National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day. The couple, who have had two daughters together, are still mourning the loss of their son almost two years ago.

‘It still hurts every day,’ she wrote, alongside a sad photo which showed her son’s footprints on a piece of card, ‘I never got to meet him, and this is all I have to remember him by. My heart goes out to my friends, family, and those of you I don’t know who have suffered the loss of a baby.’

Hours later, she posted another image of a burning memorial candle alongside a row of crucifixes, captioned: ‘For my love, Theo…and all the other babies who aren’t with us in the flesh but are with us mommies in spirit forever.’

Lisa and Jack’s son, who was named Theo, passed after she had a late-term miscarriage in September 2013. Shortly after, she announced the tragedy on her blog on behalf of her and her husband, referring to it as ‘by far the hardest thing either of us has ever had to go through.’

Although Lisa admits ‘I don’t like to talk about what happens to us much,’ her post has received a flood of support from her followers, many of whom have experienced similar tragedies. ‘I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s opened up about their stories,’ she wrote in her later Instagram post.