Lisa just keeps transforming - she's looking incredible!


Lisa Riley has changed more in the last year and a half than possibly any other well-loved celebrity.

After losing over TEN stone, the former Emmerdale actress has kept herself very busy with stints as a panellist on Loose Women, and speaking out about her incredible transformation.

However, she took a break from Loose Women in February to undergo surgery to remove excess skin from her stomach area – and now, she’s returned to show the results…

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Lisa, 40, worked hard with diet and exercise to lose an impressive amount of weight – however, as is often the case with people who drop a significant amount of pounds, she was left with excess skin. Last month, she decided to do something about it, and had over a stone’s worth removed!

On Thursday (23rd March), she returned to the show to display the results:

Lisa wows in a red jumpsuit – we love! (Photo: ITV)

Though she kept her bare stomach concealed, her figure outline was very visible in a red jumpsuit. ‘I keep stroking myself, I can’t believe it!’ she admitted after emerging from a sparkling door. Though often cheerful, Lisa’s extra level happiness was easy to see as she could barely stop grinning!

‘It’s incredible, it really is! I’m 12 and a bit stone now, I’m still getting used to it all myself. Wearing these clothes, I’d never wear anything like this.’

Lisa explained why she went through with the procedure in the first place. Before her hiatus from the daytime panel show, she’d broken down in tears on air over her fears that she wouldn’t wake up from the anaesthetic – so this clearly wasn’t a decision taken lightly.

However, the discomfort of having sagging skin had gotten to be too much to bear; according to her, the surgery was a necessity.

‘I did not, in my head, have cosmetic surgery,’ she reasoned.

‘I couldn’t go on, as I was. Everything was moving, jigging around, it would be so painful. Really uncomfortable and painful.

‘I’d be in my yoga class but I couldn’t do certain poses because I had this big mound in the way, now it’s as flat as a pancake.’

Excellent stuff – not only is she more physically comfortable, her slimline figure is an added bonus too!