Lisa plays Lorna Bowen in the BBC drama

Though many members of the public are familiar with her for her positivity on Loose Women, or her impressive weight loss transformation, Lisa Riley is known for her talents as an actress first.

And while starring in acclaimed BBC drama, Three Girls, Lisa has been getting lots of praise from the audience for her moving performance.

However, since the programme is based on the real-life sexual grooming scandal in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, it was understandably a sensitive, and mentally difficult production process – and Lisa has spoken out about the ‘horrendous’ case, and how angry she felt while bringing it to life.

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Former Emmerdale actress Lisa plays Lorna Bowen, a mother of one of the three victims depicted on the show. And in the two episodes broadcasted so far, her acting has been called ‘superb’ and amazing’ – as well as viewers expressing shock and upset at the abuse.

Appearing on Loose Women on Thursday (18th May), Lisa revealed her passionate feelings on the subject matter.

‘To play the part of Lorna and to hear the reaction that’s going on now. It’s important we got that reaction. We had three-and-a-half months from last August filming it. It cocooned my life. I got angry and more angry.

‘I’m so honoured to be able to play the part of Lorna and give the girls a voice because no one believed them, because the evidence was there.’

Lisa Riley in Three Girls (Photo: BBC)

The programme is directly based on the child sex trafficking grooming ring that operated from 2008-2012 – and was made in full co-operation with the victims.

Lisa also revealed that the total number of victims could be over 2,300 – and she is still shocked at the length of time this went unnoticed:

‘It’s horrendous. It was going on for years. Why weren’t they believed? Why were they judged as a certain type of girl?’

Lisa then confirmed that the girls were satisfied with the finished product:

‘They’re over the moon with how its portrayed and they feel justice has been done.’

Three Girls continues tonight on BBC One at 9.00pm