Presenter refuses to starve herself


Lisa Snowdon doesn’t want to lose her curves.

The model and presenter likes to eat well as she thinks that slimming down would ruin her looks.

‘I don’t diet as such, but I am sensible,’ says Lisa, 41.

‘I love my food so I’m going to splurge every now and then. I don’t want to be too thin because if you starve yourself your arse looks great but your face suffers.

‘I eat lots of protein, not too many crisps, not too much crap and not too much stodgy food. I’ll try and have vegetables at every meal but I’m not militant about it.

‘I’ll still eat chips and have a burger. I like balance.’

Lisa admits that she’s always had a sensible attitude and never let pressure to lose weight get to her.

‘When I started out modelling, that was the trickiest,’ the Capital FM host says.

‘I had puppy fat and, during that time, we were still in the midst of the waif moment where everyone was really thin. I wasn’t that girl – I’ve never been that girl.

‘I saw that there was pressure but I realised that no amount of dieting was going to get rid of my boobs, so I quickly sussed out that being too thin wasn’t for me.

‘So I came back to London and waited for that trend to pass.’

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