Little Mix have cancelled part of their tour.

little mix cancel australia new zealand tour dates

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The girl band have announced that they have cancelled part of their tour so that they can focus on producing new music.

Taking to their social media to announce the disappointing news, the quartet revealed that the cancellation is a decision that they haven’t taken lightly.

Sharing the announcement with their nearly 12 million Twitter followers, the band wrote ‘We are really sad to announce that we have to cancel our upcoming Australian and New Zealand tour dates.

We are so sorry for disappointing our fans who were coming to the shows. This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly but we have to use this time to focus on recording new music.

‘Please contact your point of purchase for a full refund on tickets.’

The Tweet received a huge response with the post raking up thousands of likes, shares and comments in just a few hours – and fans didn’t hold back on expressing their anger and disappointment.

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‘I love you girls, but this is really unfair for the australian and new zeland fans,’ wrote one follower. ‘Especially since their original dates were postponed bc of “promo”’.

‘I love you girls with all of my heart,’ agreed another, ‘but your international fans don’t deserve this.

‘You only did 8 shows in EU( Vienna got canceled, not postoponed) and now you cancel this leg too while the UK has over 30 shows in all the same cities’.

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I’m sorry I love you girls but it’s 6 DATES to perform like 2-3 WEEKS to tour over here,’ commented another disappointed fan, ‘why can’t you wait until after the dates to write new music This is unfair and unprofessional!’.

‘A REFUND ON TICKETS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE FANS’ FEELINGS,’ raged a fourth Twitter user. ‘I’m out of words seriously we love you the most but it is so heartbreaking’.

Others added, ‘dissapointed in y’all, whether it was your decision or your managements we deserve a better apology than this’, ‘i hope that this is a terribly planned april fools’s prank’ and ‘Y’all going to loose so many fans this new music better be worth it and be promoted!’.