Jesy's bling bag and Perrie's big 'do cause alarm


X Factor winners Little Mix had a fantastic time on their recent trip Down Under – until they arrived at the airport to fly home.

Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson were both stopped by Australian security staff.

‘I had a clutch bag and it’s got loads of spikes on it and they thought it was a knuckle-duster, so they were like: “You can’t go through,”‘ claims Jesy.

‘Then they said we need to search you and I got hauled away and questioned while the other girls were boarding the plane.

‘I was there for over half an hour and the man was saying to me: “This could be a weapon” and I was saying, “No, no it’s just my bag.”‘

Perrie was also held up during the fiasco after continuously setting of the metal detector alarm.

‘They said if I took my shoes off and I still kept beeping, they were going to have to take my hair all down, which was in a massive bun,’ she tells The Mirror

‘I was thinking, heck no, you are not taking my hair out right now!’

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