And just moments before they went on stage!

It seems that Little Mix’s security let a fan slip through their fingers just moments before the girl band were due on stage to perform.

They were just about to go on stage in front of 11,000 people at Slessor Gardens in Dundee, East Scotland on Thursday night.

However, a group of fans surrounded the vechicle whilst the four singers were waiting to go on stage.

This is when one man decided to take things a little bit too far. Before sliding the car doors open, he shouted ‘Are you ready?’ and was faced with a very stunned Little Mix…

He didn’t let this stop him though as he then asked ‘Any chance of a signature for my young lad please?’

One fan that was part of the crowd filmed the incident and even caught the police and security running to the incident to pull fans away.

Fans were stunned with how easy it was for the man to get to the band, and people even questioned the security having seen the footage.

One tweeted: ‘Not being funny but no security at all at little mix, nervous.’

Whereas, others commented on the video posted to YouTube and couldn’t help but praise the girl band’s reactions.

One wrote, ‘They were about to sign it omg legends,’ whilst another commented on their reactions: ‘Leigh Anne when security pushed him out of the way, ‘Oh it’s fine”.


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The girls didn’t let this phase them though as they continued their tour in the UK last night before they are due to head to Australia and New Zealand in just a couple of weeks. And fans seemed to have the best night at their gig in Dundee too!

Well done ladies!

By Lois Pia North