You go, girls!

They’re arguably the hottest girl band in the world right now, but despite their figure-hugging outfits and saucy dance moves, Little Mix have their share of hang-ups just like the rest of us.

Taking to social media, the girls –Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson,Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall –  have voiced their insecurities.

And they want their fans to embrace their curves, curls, freckles or any other body hang ups just like they’ve learned to…

Jade, 25 

To us she’s one (beautiful) quarter of the UK’s biggest girl band, but that doesn’t mean Jade Thirlwall hasn’t battled insecurities in her lifetime.


The 25-year-old recently confessed she wanted to get a nose job at 
the age of just 18 after she was airbrushed during a photoshoot.


‘In one of the first magazine shoots we did as a band my nose was completely changed and my skin 
was whitened,’ she revealed.

‘At 18, 
it gave me a complex and an insecurity – and for years I was determined to 
get a nose job. I was so ugly that the magazine was forced to change my appearance, right? Wrong.’

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Thankfully the singer – who is dating fellow musician Jed Elliott – realised the truth ‘it’s society that needs to change’ and didn’t go through with it.

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She added: ‘We have all fallen victim to feeling like we need to change who we are and what we look like in order 
to fit into a society that [arbitrarily] determines what is and isn’t beautiful.’

Perrie, 25

After years of hiding her freckles with make-up, Perrie Edwards is now determined to ‘embrace them’ as part of her natural beauty.

The 25-year-old posed for a few no-make-up selfies over the summer and fans 
went wild for her natural look.

‘I find the whole thing really inspirational,’ one wrote.

‘You’re gorgeous and make me feel so happy with my freckles.’

But, it’s taken her a while to get to this point.

‘Growing up I was always insecure about the freckles on my face,’ she reveals.

Over the years 
I’ve begun 
to embrace them and don’t feel 
I need to hide them anymore.’

Jesy, 27

In Little Mix’s early days, Jesy was targeted online over her weight.

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Things got so bad that she broke down in tears on an episode of The X Factor in 2011, saying: ‘People are writing a few nasty comments [on Twitter] and it has just got to me a little bit.’

Seven years later and the 27-year-old has learnt to ignore the haters after losing two stone, saying: ‘Everybody thinks that you’re supposed 
to be perfect-looking, but nobody is perfect.’ Preach it sister!

Leigh-Anne, 27

Leigh-Anne has started embracing her natural hair after a comment from her seven-year-old cousin left her feeling heartbroken.

‘My niece of seven years said she didn’t like her Afro and wanted to look like the other girls in her class,’ the 27-year-old explained.

‘It broke my heart. Love your curls! We need to teach young black girls their natural hair is just as pretty.’