The many faces of Little Mix


The BRIT Awards 2016 was one hell of a night with performances ranging from okay (Coldplay) to outstanding (Lorde). But there was one in particular that caught our eye: Little Mix.

Firstly, because it was high-energy and the essence of ‘fun’ condensed into dance form. Secondly, because Little Mix have somehow managed to sum up every life problem in one amazing performance.

How, exactly, do X Factor winners and worldwide superstars Little Mix possibly sum up our lives? Well, let’s go on a Little journey and discover the Mix of emotions they managed to evoke.


1) Those gym struggles

‘No I always look like this’

2) Squad + Hottie =

3) AKA the worst nightmare

Little Mix meme-6

It feels like you’ve lost a limb

4) As if they make sure you’re there

Oh hell nah…

5) Ultimate feeling

Little Mix meme-7

Don’t care who else is there, that dancefloor is ours

6) No chance

Little Mix meme-9

Yeah, yeah, yeah, nah.

7) The absolute worst

Just look at your feet and hope the world stops spinning. Definitely can’t afford £70 soiling charge…

8) The takeaway was closed

It was only a block of cheese and a packet of crisps

9) It all goes wrong

Little Mix meme-3

Any time is too soon

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