Move over Taylor Swift, there's a new pop princess bagging the boys these days! Enter, Jesy Nelson!


While Taylor Swift has been noticeably shaking off her approximate 7 billion* previous A-list romances as of late to concentrate on her upcoming album, it appears there’s a new pop princess on the horizon ready to move on in on her role.

Enter Little Mix beauty, Jesy Nelson.

As the X Factor star was spotted waltzing her way around the West End this weekend, looking all kinds of cute with her latest in a long line of pop companions – we bring you the ultimate timeline to Jesy‘s celebrity love life!

*please note the number above was a guestimate, we stopped counting Tay Tay’s famous lovers once we ran out of fingers.


Name: Jordan Banjo

Known for: Bouncing around in Britain’s Got Talent dance troupe Diversity

Together when: 2010-May 2013

How serious on a scale of 1-10: 9

After over two years together, you could say we were all left a little OMG’d when Jesy announced their unexpected break-up. You could also say we were completely heartbroken when the star later went on to discuss the pressure of long distance relationships: ‘Always make sure the boy loves you more than you love them – then you’ll never end up getting as hurt.’ 


Name: Eddie Brett

Known for: Being the fit one in BGT band, Loveable Rogues. 

Together when: June 2013

How serious on a scale of 1-10: 2

From one Britain’s Got Talent star straight to another, it certainly seems Jesy has a reality star type doesn’t she? Following her break-up from Jordan, Jesy was later spotted leaving celeb hotspot Mahiki hand in hand with the Loveable Rogue…but quickly killed any rumours with the following tweet:’I’d like to confirm that I am actually single 🙂 much love xjesyx, #single’

Name: George Shelley

Known for: Having the best hair in Union J 

Together when: August 2013-September 2013

How serious on a scale of 1-10: 8

The unexpected pairing were spotted all over each other at last year’s V Festival. From reportedly kissing in the Lounder Lounge to cheeky bum pinching during Beyonce‘s set – everything looked promising for the X Factor stars that evening onwards.

Until er, George destroyed our dreams of another Little Mix wedding:‘It is not true I am dating Jesy Nelson. We did go to V Festival together and it was fun. But you all know I’m a cuddly person. So it’s fine.’


Name: JJ Thompson

Known for: Singing songs on last year’s X Factor in group Kingsland Road

Together when: June 2014

How serious on a scale of 1-10: 1

When rumours of a possible reunion with Diversity beau Jordan spread online, Jesy seemingly put a stop to them straight away after being spotted painting the town red with Kingsland Road star JJ Thompson.

Although the pair were never spotted out and about again, when quizzed about his relationship with Jesy, Thomps revealed ‘Yeah she’s cute’ – what a charmer. 

Name: Jake Roche

Known for: Being the love child of EastEnders Alfie Moon and a Nolan sister – and the frontman of Rixton

Together when: August 2014

How serious on a scale of 1-10: 10

Unbeknown when they first hooked up, Jesy shocked her #LittleMixers around the world after uploading a string of goofy loved-up selfie’s captioned with love hearts with the Rixton frontman to her instagram account.

Will Jesy and Jake last? Will there be another Little Mix wedding on the cards alongside Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik? Oh it’s all very exciting isn’t it?

OMG Zayn Malik! Is this Little Mix Perrie Edwards’ wedding hair?

Joshua Fox