*Grabs popcorn*

We’d have thought being a member of Little Mix would mean everyone welcomes you with open arms and a big smile anywhere you went. Not that we’ve ever imagined it or anything…

But, as recent Twitter-beef between the band and what has to be one of the sassiest clubs in Europe has demonstrated, this isn’t entirely true…

During the band’s trip to Amsterdam this week, member Jade Thirlwall hit out at a club nightclub for what she perceived as poor service.

Tweeting from the offish Little Mix account, she said: ‘Worst staff ever experienced @NYXamsterdam… if you’re out in Amsterdam don’t go there lol… bloody awful! xjadex

We don’t know what she expected to become of this less than complimentary assessment, but it probably wasn’t NYX’s response – who hit back at the X Factor winners for apparently not showing their IDs.

Serious shade.

As you can probably imagine, Little Mix fans weren’t best pleased with the club’s behaviour toward their gals, and some were pretty darn furious.

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One user tweeted ‘@NYXamsterdam @LittleMix you can DEADASS google their names and a pic with their age will show up don’t act smart’, to which the club responded: ‘or they could just bring ID. We don’t do special treatments J. AND Jade waded in ONCE AGAIN, saying: ‘well that’s a bit of a lie… I definitely showed mine… xjadex.


Polly Foreman / @ForemanPolly