Little Mix visit the Loose Women of ITV... and reveal Jesy's wedding plans and Perrie's secret crush!

It was the day that the Little Mix girls came face to face with the Loose Women of ITV. And- as the age old Loose Women prophecy continues to ensure delivery of countless gossip- it was also an episode that did anything but disappoint…

*Hits play on Black Magic* *Begins dance*


The episode saw the girls discussing band member Jesy Nelson‘s wedding plans for her forthcoming nuptials to Rixton singer Jake Roche.

If this prospect isn’t exciting enough for you unimpressed lot then you will be more than pleased to know that Coleen Nolan, a regular Loose Woman, is the mother of Jesy’s fiancée. Oh yes, people- watch those adrenaline levels rise…

And although Jesy revealed that the couple and their hectic schedules haven’t been able to set anything in stone as of yet, the pair HAVE been starting the hunt for a wedding dress… Yay!

Jesy explains, ‘He’s just as busy as we are but we’ve been really lucky because if I’m not busy I’ll go where he is….We’ve looked at dresses and stuff but we’re so busy we have had time to plan anything’, before admitting that for the moment the pair are ‘just enjoying being engaged’.

But what is this we hear? The sound of MORE wedding bells?!

Prince Harry had better watch his back, as it looks as though a certain Miss Perrie Edwards (and her crystal ball) could be after him…

When asked by the Loose Women about her ‘thing for Prince Harry‘, Perrie attempts to shrug it off as the girls winding her up- that is until Jesy jumps back in with a ‘no it isn’t, you said you fancy him!’.

It is very possible that Prince Harry is an undercover girl band fan- after it was rumoured that he had struck up a romance with The Saturdays’ blonde beauty Mollie King back in 2012.

Princess Perrie Edwards? We suggest that you watch this space….

Alice Perry