Little Mix's Jesy has been prediciting Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik's future family

It’s been quite the week for Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, ain’t it?

After the Little Mix singer first admitted ‘sex with Zayn Malik is better than food,’ her band mate Jesy Nelson has now revealed just how family life is (possibly) going to pan out for the pair.

While predicting what the future has in store for each other during a magical game with Sugarscape, Jesy is sensing quite a few kids for Perrie and her fiancée Zayn.

‘I’m going to say Perrie will have about three children – two girls and then a boy,’ she predicted, while looking twenty years into the future. ‘She’ll also be married… and then I don’t know? We’ll be doing a reunion tour.’

Completely ignoring the predicted plan for a 2035 Little Mix reunion tour, Perrie then piped up and corrected her band mate, adding: ‘No, I want more kids!’

Let’s hope Zayn is dreaming of a big fam too in that case.

Away from food, sex and future children, this week Perrie also celebrated turning 22 in quite spectacular fashion.

By, um, cruising around the country in her brand spankin’ new £3,000 quad bike after a romantic candle lit dinner with her man.

Relationship goals?

And if all that wasn’t great enough, Zayn also gave her the best gift of all… he dyed his hair back to black.

Now all Little Mix need is for their new single Black Magic to top the charts on Friday and it’s officially been the best week ever for the 22-year-old.

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