Loved-up Liz Hurley says her wedding to millionaire Arun Nayer will happen soon and she wants another baby

Liz Hurley has confirmed she’ll soon marry her lover Arun Nayer.

In an interview with Italian Vanity Fair, the model admits: ‘I cannot reveal to you the exact date but it is very close. We are even thinking of having a child.’

And when asked how married life would suit her, the 41-year-old says: ‘I’ll let you know. I was with Hugh Grant for 13 years and we were like husband and wife so I don’t think there will be any difference.’

Liz, who is currently promoting her swimwear range, has a son Damian, four, from a previous relationship with Steve Bing. But she says Damian and Arun already have a great rapport.

She recalls: ‘When I was on a photoshoot recently, Arun and Damian went to St Tropez on their first holiday without me. They were on a mission to look at all the women in bikinis and make notes for market research. Damian adores Arun.’

Liz also spoke out about when Grant was caught with prostitute Divine Brown in 1995. She said: ‘In general I’m not very tolerant, my friends call me The Hanging Judge, but with Hugh it was different. If you truly love someone then you forgive them and that’s it – and I really loved him. Even now I still like him enormously.’