Forget Shane Warne - Liz wants to reignite her romance with her old flame

Liz Hurley spent 13 years desperately waiting to hear those four little words: ‘Will you marry me?’ from Hugh Grant – and even stuck by him despite his late night, erm, rendezvous with prostitute Divine Brown in 1995 before finally giving up on her dream.

So you’d think the last thing on Liz’s mind would be a reconciliation with the commitment-phobic actor.

But alas, Now can reveal that Liz has finally realised she’s still in love with Hugh following the very public breakdown of her three-year marriage to businessman Arun Nayar, 46.

Liz invited Hugh over for Christmas at her farm in Gloucestershire and she’s been telling her friends she’d like to get back together with him,’ a close friend tells Now.

‘She’s been saying she was a fool to walk out on their long-term romance.’

Following her split from Hugh in 2000, Liz had a brief relationship with millionaire Steve Bing and gave birth to their son Damian, now eight.

Two years later, she started dating Arun and the couple married in a lavish, star-studded ceremony in 2007.

But those close to the couple are far from surprised by their recent break-up.

Liz and Arun have been rocky for a long time,’ says a friend.

Liz had pre-wedding jitters on the day but in the end she went ahead with it because she felt at her age it would be hard to find a husband who loved her as much as he did.

‘She vowed to make it work and on many levels it did work but the problem was they’re like chalk and cheese. Arun loves a low-key life but Liz likes glamour and excitement.’

Liz, 45, became front page news recently when photos emerged of her in a passionate embrace with retired Aussie cricketer Shane Warne, 41.

But she’s certainly under no illusions that it could develop into a lasting relationship with the serial womaniser.

The friend says: ‘The romance with Shane has been fun but only because he’s so madly in love with her and Liz loves the attention.

‘She sees it as a fling. He’s a great guy but not someone you could settle down with – she simply can’t trust him as he’s renowned for his roving eye.’

And this may explain her sudden interest in her ex Hugh, 50, after 10 years.

‘They’re still good friends and Liz knows Hugh’s always held a candle for her.

‘He’s even told her he should never have let her go,’ the source adds.

‘As you get older, you realise that the most important thing is being with someone who makes you laugh, who you love with all your heart and who has the same interests as you. Hugh ticks all those boxes for Liz.

‘They’ve both done so much growing up since they split up that now could be the right time for them.

‘We all know the course of true love never runs smooth and at the back of her mind Liz always lived in hope that she’d reignite her romance with Hugh.

‘She told pals she believed that one day she’d end up with him.’

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