Lizzie Cundy has opened up on her previous relationship.

lizzie cundy confirms ex jeremy cheated

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The TV personality has spoken out about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jeremy Gordeno, after the pair announced their split last week.

The model, who is the ex-wife of former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur football player Jason Cundy, recently ended her relationship with nightclub owner Jeremy, who she had been seeing for ten months.

And it turns out that the former footballer’s wife ended the relationship with her most recent boyfriend over allegations that he had been having an affair with his ex-fiancée’s 21-year-old daughter.

Before Lizzie confirmed the news, Jeremy released a statement about the ending of the relationship claiming that the pair had ended their courtship as the former model’s glamorous red carpet lifestyle was “not for him”, adding that he had apparently had his “emails hacked” and had a “secret tracker” put in his car.

However, photos then emerged of the 53-year-old cosying up with daughter of his ex-fiancée Candice Hodge.

The business owner was seen out and about at a hotel in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire with Francesca Hodge, with photos emerging of his former almost-stepdaughter sitting on his lap before the pair were seen entering a lift together presumably to head up into the hotel.

lizzie cundy confirms ex jeremy cheated

Lizzie with ex Jeremy (Credit: Getty)

“I knew something was up, as he kept taking phone calls in secret, being very shady,” Lizzie told The Sun, adding that she had been suspicious of the pair’s relationship but was told that Jeremy was using Francesca to spy on her mum Candice.

“When I noticed missed calls from Francesca on his phone, he claimed she was a spy working for him, informing him of everything Candice was doing,” she continued.

“I found it odd that she was ringing but I wanted to believe him. I didn’t expect someone to lie like he did. To go from mother to daughter is disgusting. He can’t lie his way out of this one.”

Jeremy’s ex-fiancée Candice has also weighed in on the relationship, saying that she has fallen out with her daughter over it.

“When I found out he was seeing my daughter Francesca I was physically sick,” Candice told The Sun.

“It is disgusting. Jeremy and I last slept together in August, when I now know he was already in a physical relationship with my child.”