Prior agreement means villagers can shoot boar on the grounds of the rented chateau

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt could soon be faced with gun-wielding huntsmen in the garden.

The ground surrounding their rented French chateau in Aix-en-Provence has traditionally been used by locals during boar season.

Villagers were concerned that keen environmentalists Ange, 33, and Brad, 44, might ban them from the estate. But the president of the local hunt society has revealed that they have a contract that allows them to use the land.

‘We have a written agreement in place to hunt on the estate that doesn’t expire until at least 30 August,’ he tells newspaper France Dimanche.

‘There is no indication that the estate owner wishes to challenge that – quite the contrary.’

And now Brad and Angelina, who is due to give birth to twins on 19 August, are said to have reluctantly accepted the situation.

‘There’s not much they can do about it,’ a source tells The Independent. ‘The best you can hope is if any damage is done, someone will pay for it.’