Her husband and friends are nowhere to be seen on her big night

When Sarah Jessica Parker was recently appointed as chief creative officer for upmarket label Halston, her status as a style heavyweight seemed complete.  

But poor SJP, 44, was dealt a crushing blow when on the biggest night in her fashion career so far – Halston‘s New York Fashion Week show – her husband Matthew Broderick and all three of her Sex And The City co-stars failed to show up.

One fashion source tells Now: ‘Sarah really needed them there. She was sure they’d turn up, even to show their faces, but in the end they failed to do so.

‘Personal invitations had been sent out and it was very important that the brand received that kind of publicity, but for whatever reason the girls just weren’t able to go.’

The blow comes at a time when the actress is struggling to balance her fame with a happy private life. Her career’s skyrocketing, but success has taken its toll.

The actress feels lonelier than ever and fears she’s neglected her personal life, although her spokesman says that there’s no truth in stories that her marriage is in trouble.

Sarah – whose new SATC film premieres in the UK on 
28 May – has millions of fans across the world and can demand phone-number figures for the movies she appears in.

But she complains that she lacks real friends and worries about spending time apart from husband Matthew Broderick, 47.

Sarah should be the happiest person in the world,’ says one insider, ‘but she feels isolated because of her work. She used to get all the love she needed from her husband, but it’s been hard for them to overcome a rocky patch after his fidelity came under scrutiny.

‘She has the children [James, nine, and twins Marion and Tabitha, eight months], but her schedules so crazy she sometimes spends long periods away from home.

‘Like many A-listers she’s surrounded by hangers-on who aren’t real friends. She used to be close to her SATC co-stars, but they’re not always there for her off camera. That’s a shame because despite all the drama and the bitchiness, deep down she hoped they’d always support her.’

SJP‘s also worried that her fans may turn against her as she grows older, according to insiders. ‘She agreed to appear in a bikini in Vogue recently, so you clearly wants to prove she’s still looking good in her forties. But some might see it as an act of desperation.’

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