Their stars may have faded, but these X Factor contestants are trying to make it big - on Instagram


Fame is a fickle game – one minute the whole world knows your name and the next minute they don’t.

Every year, The X Factor gives a handful of hopefuls their 15 minutes of applause.

We ooh and ahh as the contestants get whizzed to the judges’ houses in exotic locations, swoon as the celebrity make-up artists and hairstylists transform them from mere mortals to megastars and maybe even shed a tear as they plead for another chance if they find themselves in the bottom two.

But after they’ve been voted off, it’s a miracle if they manage to create even a tiny blip on our celebrity radar.

And now we’re about to do it all over again! *crosses forearms in an X and shakes them* YAY!

Thanks to Instagram, contestants like Series 9 X Factor finalist Kye Sones and Series 8’s X Factor finalist Lucy Texeira of 2 Shoes are busy trying to claw back some of their forgotten fame.

We’ve managed to check in on a few ex-X Factor finalists to find out what they’ve been up to… and while most of them are taking beautiful pictures of beaches and burgers like us, some of them are completely shocking.

A classic example is Series 8 X Factor finalist Kitty Brucknell who recently uploaded this priceless drunken rant:

YES – KITTY DRUNKY, DRUNKY KITTY! It would make a great T-shirt slogan!

You can almost see the despair radiating from her poor manager’s face as if to say, ‘How am I ever going to save this woman’s career?’

We also couldn’t help but notice Series 6 X Factor finalist Lloyd Daniels has recently cleaned up his Instagram account. Perhaps that’s because he’s landed a lead role in the new UK tour of Joesph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, which means his #cockinasock picture was probably no longer deemed family-friendly.

Our only disappointment is that bezzies Abbey Johnstone and Lisa Parker aka Ablisa haven’t discovered Instagram yet. I’m sure their view of the world filtered through Toaster and Inkwell would be very entertaining!

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