Victoria publicly mocks Essex at a high profile fashion event

Unlike Jennifer Lopez who has done her best to show she’s still Jenny from the block, it seems Victoria Beckham couldn’t distance herself more from her Essex roots if she tried.

Victoria, 41, was introduced as being born in Harlow, Essex, during a fashion event in New York, held in her honour.

But instead of ignoring the reference – or perhaps even embracing it – she decided to poke fun at her hometown.

Addressing the audience she said: ‘I’d like to forget the Essex bit. It’s not a very nice place.’

Her public put down garnered a roar of laughter by her fellow fashionistas in the audience but it’s not going to be too long before she faces a backlash from those who still reside in Harlow.

The mum of four, who has carved out a glittering career in fashion, was on stage talking about her fashion career, life and family for more than an hour.

And having had a daughter, you’d assume Harper, three, would follow in Victoria’s fashionista footsteps – but it looks as though she’d rather take after her dad, football legend David Beckham.

Victoria didn’t hold back her true feelings when she told the crowd she was ‘gutted’.

Laughing, she added: ‘Harper likes football as well. It’s like a dagger going through my heart. She loves soccer, she’s got little boots and a shirt and she runs around in the garden with her brothers which is very sweet.’

With four children and a demanding career, it’s hardly surprising she’s now ruled out having any more children.

She went on to say: ‘I feel like I have done my bit. You’d have to get a bus! There are no Rolls Royces when you have five kids!’

She may have a string of high profile celebs wearing her design but unfortunately for Victoria she’s still waiting to see the First Lady, Michelle Obama, wearing her clothes.

She added: ‘We have sent her things, but I haven’t seen her photographed in anything.’