Jeff Brazier has posted a heart warming happy birthday to son Freddy...

Jeff Brazier has posted a heart-warming happy birthday message to his son Freddy, who is the absolute spit of his famous dad!

36-year-old Jeff has taken to Twitter to wish his youngest son a happy eleventh birthday, tweeting ‘#Grateful my beautiful little boy Freddy will be 11 in the morning. I’m so proud of him so he can expect a big fuss after school’.

The dad of two then followed this up with a snap of the birthday boy, captioning the picture ‘Happy Birthday to my little baby, one year older, turning into a fantastic young man with so much to offer. X

Freddy or Jeff, who really knows?! Fans were quick to wish the lil’ fella a happy birthday, with replies reading messages such as ‘Happy Birthday Freddy. His mum would have been so proud and you are doing an amazing job’.

Freddy‘s eleventh birthday comes 6 years after his mother, Jade Goody, sadly passed away in 2009 after suffering from cervical cancer. Jeff has recently spoken some very touching words on the topic of raising Freddy and his other son, 12-year-old Bobby, without Jade.

Jeff (who is currently busying himself running mental self-help seminars) explained that the monumental heartache of loosing Jade has lead him to adopt an incredible parenting role- ‘I’ve morphed into something quite different from your average dad,’ he explains. ‘I’m probably far more sensitive to their feelings and I’m far more aware of when they need emotional support’.

And by the looks of things, he’s doing an incredible job! Happy 11th birthday, Freddie!

Alice Perry