The 51-year-old star made the confession during a discussion on how the Loose Women panel deal with their kids' temper tantrums

Another day, another episode of Loose Women that’s made headlines after Nadia Sawalha made a shocking parenting confession during Friday’s show.

The 51-year-old star confessed to ‘doing what grannies used to do’ – by putting WHISKEY in her baby daughter’s bottle.

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We don’t know about you, but we don’t ever remember our granny feeding us whiskey…

Her revelation came during a discussion about kids’ temper tantrums, in which host Andrea McLean admitted she had given her son over-the-counter medication to make him drowsy.

During the live TV chat, Nadia recalled a flight where she was struggling to get her little girl to quieten down.

She then revealed how she came up with a plan, saying she decided: ‘I’ll do what grannies used to do, I’ll put some whiskey in her bottle.’

She added: ‘I was a desperate mother.’

‘So I put whiskey in the bottle and guess what happened. Exactly what happens to me when I have whiskey: she danced all night.’

Her comments prompted fellow panellist Kay Adams to quip: ‘Is this going out live!?’

But viewers were not laughing and they soon made their feelings about Nadia’s confession on social media, with one calling for the show to be CANCELLED.

They wrote: ‘@loosewomen are talking about force feeding medicine and alcohol to toddlers. Appalling. Truly appalling. Take this rubbish off air.’

Another added: ‘Don’t know how anyone finds giving your baby whiskey even remotely funny to be honest! They all seem to think that’s normal!’

Andrea then went on to apologise for the panel’s comments, urging viewers not to follow their lead.

She said: ‘To people watching at home, we are not in any way advocating anything we have said. Don’t do anything that we have said.’

The other panellists then chipped in, saying: ‘Do not try this at home. We are terrible mothers!’

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Skip to 4:08 in the video below to watch Nadia’s confession…