Maybe a little too much info Ruth!

Loose Women is known for it’s shocking discussions on marriage, kids and oh, so much more.

But Wednesday’s episode got people talking after Ruth Langsford made a shock revelation about her and Eamonn Holmes’s, er, intimate times!


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Fellow panellist Katie Price openly asked Ruth about what she had previously said about E L James’ seriously saucy 50 Shades of Grey novels, which famously feature bondage and S&M. Oo-er!

To everyone’s surprise Ruth replied: ‘I said when I read the first one, who hasn’t done a bit of that?’

Erm, excuse us Ruth while we go and digest this information!

The presenter then continued: ‘A little erotica, I think introduced between a couple.’

Expressing the nation’s shock, Coleen Nolan then interjected saying: ‘I will never, ever look at Ruth and Eamonn the same!’

Neither will we Coleen, neither will we!

Ruth then whipped out a whisk and a potato masher saying: ‘Well I’m on my way home darling!’

Woah, we weren’t expecting that.

And it seems as though some viewers couldn’t help but feel a little queasy about this latest piece of shocking info, with one tweeting: ‘Ruth discussing bondage sessions with Eamonn. I feel #LooseWomen’

Meanwhile another viewer warned the presenter’s hubby of what’s in store: ‘Eamonn watch out Ruth is coming for you lol’

Today Ruth also announced that she will be taking a short break from the show to present on ITV’s This Morning with Eamonn over the summer months.

Eamonn recently shared a very sweet message for his wife on twitter to celebrate their 7-year wedding anniversary, he said: ‘7 Years ago Today. Happy Anniversary my Darling @RuthieeL’

Clearly their adventurous bedroom antics are keeping the love alive.

Whatever tickles ya fancy Ruthie!

Words: Chloe Andrews