Narrowing it down to the final five, Lord Sugar surprises everyone on tonight's episode of The Apprentice

The Apprentice has been full of shockers this series – remember the sensational moment when Scott Saunders quit the show by walking out of the boardroom? Or when Selina Waterman-Smith claimed that the show was fixed?

As it turns out, the surprising moments don’t end there as Lord Sugar is forced to make a shock decision at the end of tonight’s episode.

Tonight, the remaining six are challenged to create a health food snack and pitch it to top clients. Sounds pretty standard, but true to form, even this relatively simple task goes awry, most notably during the all-important client meeting.

Did Scott Saunders quit The Apprentice to do THIS?

Builder Brett Butler-Smythe has an unfortunate case of word vomit when pitching – and team partner Richard Woods can only look on as poor Brett digs himself into a hole…

‘For us, it was quite important that if we were gonna represent our product in your establishment, we wanted to make sure that all the key elements were at the front force so that we didn’t look like we were gonna do any misrepresentation…’ Brett tells the health club.


Confused? You’re not the only ones, as Lord Sugar’s aide Claude Littner deemed Brett’s spiel ‘gibberish’.

Oh dear.

But when it’s time for the boardroom, the tongue-tied one could be Lord Sugar himself, as a very surprising result causes him to go against the rules and make a memorable decision.

Who will be getting the finger of doom this week? Tune into BBC One at 9pm to find out…