When one Twitter user mistook a scar from a 'serious' accident for airbrushing, Lorraine responded with this classy reply...

Gosh, we just love Lorraine Kelly – don’t you? With her cheerful manner and upbeat attitude, there’s no-one else we’d rather have welcome us into the morning.

And now she’s given us yet another reason to love her, after she responded in the BEST way to an accusation that she’d photoshopped an image of herself in a bikini.

After sharing the snap – which saw Lorraine looking absolutely amazing in a neon pink two piece – one Twitter user wrongly assumed that ‘disfigurement’ on the TV star’s leg was evidence of the shot being retouched.

The user’s now-deleted comment read: ‘Anyone else notice the disfigurement to Lorraine’s right leg (inner thigh) due to airbrushing.’

However, the disfigurement in question is actually the result of a series accident that saw the Scottish star trampled by a horse.

But rather than hitting back with an angry message or name calling, Lorraine kept things classy by simply pointing out the user’s mistake.

‘Cheryl – this is a scar on my leg from a serious accident when I was trampled by a horse. Pics are untouched,’ she wrote.

Responding to a fan who expressed sympathy over the incident, Lorraine added: ‘I’m not as self conscious about it now – but remarks like that do sting a bit!’

She went on to confess how ‘lucky’ she felt that things weren’t worse, and praised the staff that treated her: ‘I was very lucky and so fortunate we have an amazing NHS. All at St Georges Hospital were simply incredible.’

After other users expressed their upset over the confusion, the writer of the original tweet made amends with Lorraine, posting: ‘Sincerest apologies re earlier tweet, oblivious to your accident & scar I myself have a massive scar from ankle to calf 💖’

But it was already water under the bridge for Lorraine, who responded: ‘Oh sweetheart please please don’t worry! Thank you so much for this lovely tweet.’

Now *that’s* how you deal with haters – kill ’em with kindness! Take note, fellow celebs…

GIF Lorraine Kelly dancing in her bikini