Phasing out cheese and wine helped her slim down

Hannah Waterman has always struggled with her weight.

‘When I joined  EastEnders in 2000, the press nicknamed me Lard-arse Laura,’ she reveals.

After seeing herself in her costume on Cirque
De Celebrité in 2007, Hannah decided to lose the pounds.

It was a bit of a yo-yo battle – in April 2009 Hannah
was up to 10st 4lb but now she’s a very trim 7st 10lb.

‘Instead of cutting out carbs, I just replaced all the white ones with brown and wholegrain,’ Hannah told Now.

‘I’m not a chocolate person, but I love cheese, so I started phasing it out. It was the same with alcohol – I love wine, but I cut right back and the pounds fell off.

‘My stomach’s always been my biggest bugbear, so I was ecstatic that the weight came off there first.

‘My trousers soon started feeling baggier and people were noticing that I’d lost weight, which is the best incentive there is.

‘Around this time, I started working with a trainer at my local gym. For the first time ever, I was lifting light weights and my flabby arms began to look sleeker and more toned.

‘We also did interval training, which involves jogging on the treadmill or outside for two minutes, sprinting for a minute, walking for a minute, then jogging for two minutes.

‘Apparently, it’s the best way to burn fat, rather than pounding along at the same speed.

I was a complete exercise-phobe before, but I started to look forward to my sessions and if anything it suppressed my appetite.

‘I slept better, my hair was shinier and my skin, which was previously dry in patches, became glowing and smooth.

‘I’ve now become a bit of an exercise addict and I’m always trying out new classes. At the moment, I go to jazz-dance classes twice a week, power walk and get to the gym as often as I can.’

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