Hell hath no fury like the internet...


Louis Smith has been called out for ‘sexualising’ a 16-year-old gymnast and is refusing to apologise.

The Olympian shared a zoomed in picture of US athlete Carly Patterson‘s bum when she was competing at the 2000 Athens Olympics. He captioned the picture with: ‘My sport has its moments,’ according to The Sun.

However, many fans bit back – saying the picture sexist.



One wrote: ‘Some casual sexualisation from Louis Smith. Girl was 16 at the time of the photo.’


Louis fought back, saying that he didn’t know he was 16 in the photo: ‘How was I to know she was 16!?’

He eventually took the photo down, but did eventually write: ‘The day I apologise will be when Carly Patterson says she’s offended.

‘If you dislike my vulgar, disgraceful, morally bigoted, racial, sexiest, feministic, facetious behaviour then just unfollow me or even block me [sic].’

He also told followers to ‘Go read Now Magazine’ instead if they are offended by his posts, which is a good endorsement. Cheers Louis!

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The 28-year-old then reached out for pal Carly Patterson on Twitter for support: ‘Jeez @CarlyPatterson what a day!! What a day!! Same time next time next week!?’

And she replied: ‘Sorry @louissmith1989! Its totally ok guys, we’re friends.’

While everything seems to have been nicely wrapped up after that, one fan wrote: ‘Shouldn’t matter that you’re friends. He was contributing to the sexualisation of underage female gymnasts. That is wrong.’