One Direction's Louis Tomlinson has been getting cosy with a new girl

It seems One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson really is getting down and dirty at Glastonbury this weekend.

Not only was the 23-year-old heartthrob spotted holding hands backstage with a mystery brunette, but it turns out she’s a far cry from his squeaky clean ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

The new lady in his life (or at least for the festival) is Tamara Bell, creative director of fetish-inspired lingerie brand Almeida.

During a review for Tamara’s first collection for the brand in 2012, GQ magazine wrote: ‘If your girlfriend’s finished the first Fifty Shades Of Grey and is looking for further stimulation, our tip is to skip the rest of the EL James’ trilogy and instead consider Almeida.’

The self-taught seamstress and entrepreneur also modelled for the likes of Alexander McQueen, ELLE, and i-D before developing the fetish-meets-fashion brand.

Despite feeling the wrath of jealous Directioners today, Tamara is no stranger to the weird and wonderful (and presumably intense) world of One Direction. The former model is friends with both bandmate Harry Styles and his sister Gemma Styles, and their on-the-road stylist and close friend Lou Teasdale.

Here’s a snap of the designer reading the sweet nothings of actual Fifty Shades with Harry Styles himself. Maybe this is when she got the idea for the brand? Who knows…

As long as she makes Lou happy, we’re happy really.

Instagram: tamaraiscool

Instagram: tamaraiscool