He claims Simon Cowell has chest implants

Has Simon Cowell had implants to give him shapely pecs?

Sharon Osbourne boasts about the amount of surgery she’s undergone but Louis Walsh, 55, reckons all the X Factor judges apart from himself have had chest surgery.

‘They all have new t*ts…and lots of other work done.’ he insists. ‘I’m the only one who hasn’t had plastic surgery. Simon’s definitely had a boob job.

‘But Sharon has the best surgeon. She’s going to give me her doctor’s number.’

Louis says he wouldn’t mind a new smile.

‘I want to get really nice white teeth,’ he tells the News Of The World. ‘But not like Simon’s piano keys which are not his own.’

Mmmm, we were sure Simon’s man boobs were all his own. Now we need to take another look…