X Factor judge never rated the Take That star

Louis Walsh has launched a scathing attack on Robbie Williams – claiming he’s ‘talentless’.

The music mogul insists Gary Barlow has always been the most gifted member of Take That.

‘Robbie is living proof that you do not have to have a great voice or be a genuinely talented musician to become a music superstar,’ he says.

‘I much prefer Gary Barlow. It is not necessarily the most talented people who make it to the top in the real world. Robbie is a great showman but I just do not like his voice.’

It’s not the first time Louis has had a pop at Robbie.

‘I once said he was a karaoke singer which was probably an unfair statement,’ Louis, 55, tells the Daily Star.

‘Months later he confronted me, stuck a tape recorder in my face and demanded that I repeat what I said in the interview.

‘I did it – and I still stick by what I said. He can dish out criticism but it is clear he does not like taking it.’

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