X Factor star Louisa Johnson has opened up on a recent health condition that she’s suffered from.

louisa johnson reveals sufffering food intolerances

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The 2015 X Factor champ, who was the youngest winner the show has ever had at only 17-years-old, recently revealed that she has been suffering from food intolerances.

The 21-year-old opened up about the condition, revealing that the intolerances have caused her to gain weight and start a new diet.

‘I’ve been diagnosed with all these intolerances over the past year,’ she told the Mail Online, ‘and I’m just like, ‘how am I going to cope?’ because I’ve really noticed weight [has] just been going on so quickly.

‘It never used to be like that for me, so that’s like my personal struggle at the moment.’

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Speaking about how she discovered her intolerances and came to develop her new diet, she said: ‘The last year I’ve been really listening to my body and I’ve just noticed how much I’ve been bloating, and really uncomfortable when I eat certain foods and I didn’t really know what it was.

‘I went to see a nutritionist and I got tested for everything and I have an intolerance to dairy, which is my main one and gluten and wheat.

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‘So basically I’m on an anti-inflammatory diet,’ she continued, ‘which is really, really hard when I used to eat whatever I wanted, so I’ve been struggling with that, I’m such a fussy eater as well, so it’s hard.’

The singer also opened up on her feelings about her image, saying that she feels pressure to look a certain way.

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Just a few weeks ago, she shared her thoughts with her 896k Instagram followers, writing: ‘I really wanna use my Instagram to be more open and share my everyday life journey with you guys but sometimes I literally go to post something and I can’t.

‘I don’t know what is stopping or holding me back but I just feel anxious whenever I post something a little too intimate, real or a little too ‘me’… no one really wants to show their bad days on Instagram but I want to start letting people in to show people that it’s normal.’