Now can exclusively reveal this marriage is far from over...

After managing to ride the showbiz wave for almost two decades, Jamie and Louise Redknapp have been hit by split rumours that refuse to go away – but Now can exclusively reveal their marriage is far from over.

It’s been claimed that after her stint on Strictly Come Dancing last year, Louise, 42, is focusing on her career for the first time since giving birth to eldest son Charley, now 13. 
The singer’s due to make her West End debut later this year – something we’re told Jamie, 44, is trying to get on board with.

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‘When Louise competed on Strictly, Jamie never imagined 
she would want to continue working afterwards,’ a well-placed insider says. ‘But it reignited her ambition and Jamie couldn’t understand 
why Louise was suddenly so unhappy with family life.

‘After begging her to slow down he’s changed tack and is giving Louise the space to spread her wings in the hope she’ll feel less trapped.’

But people want to lay the blame with one party…

The couple in April 2016

One fan wrote online: ‘She is obviously unhappy in her marriage and is having some sort of 
midlife crisis. I wonder if… Strictly unsettled her.’

Another said: ‘You can sort of understand as she had her own glamorous singing career, got married young and now the kids are older she wants to have fun.’ Now understands Jamie has been encouraging Louise to do just that – a real sign of unity.

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Our source adds: ‘Louise and Jamie still want to be a family, there’s no doubt about it. There’s been no removal of wedding rings, which is a clear sign of their intentions. He’s more aware of her feelings now and they’re handling the situation much better, which means there’s a bigger chance of 
them staying together.’

Having their family life in the spotlight isn’t something the Redknapps are used to, with Louise saying previously: ‘We don’t talk about it that much. It’s not really a showbiz marriage… We try very hard to just keep everything really normal.’

Because of this, we’re told, Louise is struggling with everybody having an opinion 
on her marriage – but Jamie is doing his best to console her.

‘Jamie says Louise shouldn’t worry about what other people are saying as it has nothing to do with them,’ the source adds. ‘He told her to focus on doing the things that make her happy, which helped Louise realise Jamie’s on her side. In a strange way these constant split stories are just making them stronger.’