Singer and former footballer Jamie Redknapp reveal sex of their baby

Louise and Jamie Redknapp have revealed the sex of their unborn child.

The singer and football pundit have announced they are expecting a second son to join 4-year-old Charley.

‘[Charley] is really excited,’ she says. ‘He dials his baby brother up on my belly button.’

And Louise and Jamie, 34, are already thinking of potential baby names.

‘If Charley had his way, the poor little thing would be Roger,’ she tells Hello!

‘Can you imagine, Roger Redknapp! No disrespect to the Rogers of this world, but it sounds like something out of a cartoon strip.

‘I have to admit we’re struggling a bit – we want something different but not too different.’

The pregnancy was especially welcome news for Louise, 33, as she suffers from endometriosis, which can cause fertility problems. She is due to give birth in November.

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