We're getting empathy pains...

Word of warning: if you are a man and you see Louise Redknapp on the dancefloor, run for your dear life.

Her poor Strictly Come Dancing partner Kevin Clifton discovered that for himself after she kneed him in his special area while dancing.

And he got hurt so bad he thinks he won’t be able to have kids with his wife Karen Clifton…

When asked by Zoe Ball about the extent of the damage on Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two, the former popstar said: ‘Oh yes. I have maybe ruined it for Kevin and Karen for life.


‘Kevin told me to be really aggressive. So then I was really aggressive… maybe slightly too aggressive.’

Slightly is a bit of an understatement Louise Redknapp!

Louise Redknapp with her husband Jamie Redknapp! [Instagram]

Louise Redknapp with her husband Jamie Redknapp! [Instagram]

The professional added: ‘So I took a kick-boxing combination to an area I would rather not have that combination.’

Well at least we can outright CONFIRM the ‘Strictly Curse’ won’t be haunting this couple any time soon.

Recently, husband Jamie Redknapp has been getting a bit of stick from his A League of Their Own cast mates.

Jack Whitehall told Jonathan Ross: ‘I have to go down and support Louise because I have been basically winding Jamie up for the last month about the Strictly Curse.

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‘He was FaceTiming her every hour. He did not enjoy the jokes. He nearly punched me. I am Team Louise.’

Aww, at least we know how Louise fends off rival suitors…