Baby, she’s back!

Back in the 90s and early noughties, Louise Redknapp was a seriously big deal in the pop world. Like divas Cher and Beyoncé, the 42-year-old didn’t even need a last name.

After leaving band Eternal in 1995, not before contributing to their quadruple-platinum selling album Always and Forever, Louise embarked on an impressive solo career which saw her shift 15 million records worldwide.

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In 1998 Louise Nurding – as she was then known – married Jamie Redknapp and, six years later, they welcomed their first child, son Charley. As a result, Louise put her music career on hold to raise the family.

Louise Redknapp

But it was recently confirmed Louise is going back on tour and will be performing all of her biggest hits up and down the country in January.

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In honour of her return to the stage, we’ve picked our top five Louise singles and are praying that we get to see them live next year!

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Louise Redknapp – Let’s Go Round Again

Louise’s take on this 80s track by Average White Band is an absolute classic and, upon it’s release in 1998, it charted at number 10 on the official UK top 40.

Louise Redknapp – Naked

Perhaps one of Louise’s best-known singles, Naked was taken from her debut album of the same name and was an instant hit.

Louise Redknapp – Undivided Love

There is something so 90s about this song and it really takes us back. Just like Naked, Undivided Love landed at number five in the charts.

Louise Redknapp – Light of My Life

This was Louise’s debut solo single and proved she didn’t need her three Eternal band mates to do soulful and romantic. It still gives us all the feelings.

Louise Redknapp – 2 Faced

This was Louise’s highest charting single, reaching number three in 2000, and it’s easy to see why. 2 Faced is sassy and confident, and showed exactly she wasn’t someone to mess with.