She’s really upped her style game lately…

When we think of Louise Redknapp we can’t help but remember her outfits from the Eternal days back in the early nineties, when she used to rock baggy jeans, CAT boots and crop tops like a boss…

The Eternal girls had the best style EVER, with their wardrobes featuring everything from double denim to matching prints and dungaree dresses. But now – some 23 years on from when the band first burst onto the scene – Louise has come into her own fashion-wise, bringing more sass and style then we’ve seen from her before.

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Her style game started to peak during the mum-of-two’s incredible performance on last year’s Strictly Come Dancing, where Louise, 42, made it all the way to the finals. After a prolonged spell out of the limelight to raise her and Jamie’s kids – sons Charley, 13, and Beau, eight – it seemed the spotlight was firmly back on the singer.

And so adept is Lou at putting together a winning outfit that she even teamed up with her mate, stylist Emma Thatcher, to launch fashion blog A Style Album, where she documents all her fabulous 40-something looks.

Now, a year on from her Strictly appearance and amid rumours of the breakdown of her marriage with ex-footballer Jamie Redknapp, it’s no surprise that Louise wants to step out looking her absolute best right now.

We can’t fault her new style so have put together a gallery of her best and most questionable looks spanning her 21-year career – there’s a lot of them that’s for sure… enjoy!