Festival like a Made In Chelsea chick. Thanks Louise Thompson for these tips!

This Bank Holiday weekend there are SO MANY festivals, with Reading and Leeds, Creamfields, SW4 and Notting Hill Carnival to name but a few.

So if you’re off to any of these festivals and events, or just pitching a tent in your garden to enjoy the rain and pretend you’re at the coolest gig around, you might as well do it the Louise Thompson way. Surely the Made In Chelsea posh girl does festivals fancier than your average?

Ummm, kind of… maybe…

We caught up with the lovely Miss Thompson in the Mahiki backstage bar at V Festival last weekend and picked her brains for her top festival tips.

‘I would always pack a cagoule or something waterproof with a hood, my hair gets VERY curly.’ Oh we haven’t heard the word ‘cagoule’ since our year 10 geography trip. Thanks for bringing it flooding back into our vocabularies Louise.

The MIC lovely wasn’t finished at waterproofs though, oh no. Check out what other festival advice she had to give.

‘I’d say snacks, I forgot them this year and now I’ve been hungry a lot. I’d say big bags of popcorn and a couple of beers. It’s also a good thing for making other friends and socialising and also when you’re having those down moments and tent pitching and things go wrong and you want to hit someone, it’s good to lighten the mood.’

Hit someone Louise? Who do you usually lamp during camping dramas? We’d like to hazard a guess at Spencer Matthews but we can’t quite imagine him slumming it in a tent at a festival. Surely he gets one of those fancy winnebagos?

Anyway, enough of our ramblings, check out the video for Louise‘s tips and see if they’re any help. We wonder if she simply forgot to miss out: ‘Oh and I wash my face in Perrier water in the morning’…