Love Island OG Laura Anderson hasn’t exactly had an easy ride in that villa.

Not only did she get brutally dumped by Wes Nelson after three weeks because ‘he was happy, but could be happier with Megan Barton Hanson‘, but then the 29-year-old faced her second rejection from footie player Jack Fowler who replaced her with another Laura.


Luckily, our girl Lau isn’t about to let a little thing like a man knock her down, and now she’s been getting on great with hunky new boy Paul Knops. Finally. 

And as the pair faced their first test as a couple with that darn lie detector test – which caused the most major of dramz on Monday night – Laura and her new man seemed to come out unscathed. Well, at least that makes one couple.

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One lady who wasn’t so fortunate during the brutal challenge is new Laura Crane, as she was left in tears following a few tough days with her beau Jack.

To make matters worse, another task on Tuesday revealed that the public thought Jack would dump her as soon as they left the villa. Ouch!

But as new Laura broke down over the news on the balcony, old Laura was the first to rush over and comfort her – despite the fact she stole her man just a few days before AND asked Jack the question ‘which Laura was a better kisser’ during the lie detector.

Obviously, this didn’t go unnoticed by fans, who rushed to Twitter to praise old Laura’s sweet gesture with some even hailing her ‘an angel’.

‘How sweet is old Laura comforting new Laura in spite of her stealing her man and purposely trying to embarrass her in the lie detector yesterday – that’s a good friend #LoveIsland’, wrote one viewer. 

While a second added: ‘So sweet and mature of ‘old’ Laura to comfort and be there for new Laura. Totally didn’t have to be. Hope new Laura was grateful for that. #LoveIsand’. 

While some fans even accused new Laura of forcing out ‘crocodile tears’…

Old Laura is definitely the kind of friend we need in our lives…