Poor Amy

Love Island star Amy Hart’s parents have confessed they struggled to watch the show as their daughter’s disloyal flame, Curtis Pritchard, broke her heart.

The 26-year-old blonde beauty’s mum Sue and dad Ian appeared on This Morning today to air their thoughts on the recent Love Island drama’s that saw Amy’s half-boyfriend Curtis’ head turn.

After Amy and the rest of the villa girls were shipped off to Casa Amor with six new fit lads, Curtis and the rest of the boys were left alone with six stunning ladies.

While Amy spent her time away pining for Curtis and confessing her love for him, the pro ballroom dancer quickly attempted to crack on with new girl, Jourdan.


Speaking on how it felt to watch their daughter’s seemingly flourishing love life crumble on national telly, Sue said: ‘The hard bits for me to watch have been the past couple of days obviously. I haven’t really been able to watch Curtis talking to Jourdan, talking about Amy. I’ve been fast-forwarding those bits.’

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Detailing how air hostess Amy, who previously aditted to having never had a boyfriend, has always been a closed book when it comes to men, her mum continued: ‘We don’t know who Amy usually goes for, she’s never brought a man home, [or a] boyfriend. She goes out on dates, but she never brings anyone home.’

The funeral parlour owner from Sussex went on to admit she felt that Amy and Curtis were getting on fine: ‘They seem to get on really well, they have a lot in common. They laugh together. So I did feel out of everyone that’s gone in, he was more suited to her.’

Understandably, Sue continued to confess she’s worried about how Curtis’ betrayal will hit besotted Amy.

‘She’s never had a serious relationship and suddenly she’s met this guy, she really likes him. In one single day she’s admitted that she’s fallen in love with him. So she’s fallen in love and been heartbroken in one day. So you do wonder how she’s actually feeling at the moment.’