Anna's weighed in on the drama

Earlier this week, the Love Island villa descended into chaos after Jordan Hames confessed his feelings for stunning bombshell India, just days after making things official with girlfriend, Anna Vakili.

Following the drama, claims arose that it was in fact the producers of the ITV dating show that encouraged Jordan to crack on with another girl behind Anna’s back.

A source alleged that behind the scenes bosses had instigated the scandal in order to stir up some more exciting viewing.

The insider told The Sun: ‘’Jordan was pushed into saying he likes India in order to cause drama after producers told him he doesn’t have a chance of winning with Anna.

‘Now that Michael Griffiths has left and the ongoing ­tension between him and ex Amber Gill is over, they needed something explosive to happen for the final week.

‘The move by producers has clearly worked but it proves this entire series is completely contrived’, suggesting that last night’s occurrences were staged in order to make the final week more explosive.’


Despite the speculation, 29-year-old pharmacist Anna has insisted the rumours aren’t true since being dumped from the villa this week.

Speaking about whether the producers had a hand in the drama, she said insisted that they were as surprised by Jordan’s revelation as anyone, saying: ‘Absolutely not. No way. The producers were shocked themselves. That morning I was telling them I had a feeling something was going on… they were confused. They had nothing to do with it.

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The Kardashian-esque babe also confirmed that things were totally over with Jordan, slating his heartbreaking behaviour: ‘For me, it was over the moment he took Curtis and said he liked another girl… I think Jordan’s behaviour has been the worst in Love Island history… I had to be the victim of it, just my luck.’