Fans were wondering if Anton had been booted out of the villa

After Love Island star Sherif Lanre was axed from the villa this week, speculation has sparked on social media, with fans wondering if Anton Danyluk had also been booted out.

Love Island Anton

Hordes of fans flocked to Twitter to discuss the rumoured news that the Scottish hunk had been kicked off of the show, following Sherif’s shock exit.

One account wrote: ‘It is official! Anton has being REMOVED from the villa,’ while another wondered: ‘Has anton been removed from the villa? #LoveIsland,’ and a third penned: ‘Apparently anton has been removed too!’

The speculation began after it was revealed Sherif left the show for breaking strict Love Island rules.

An ITV rep has confirmed that Anton is still in the villa, stating that the rumours are not true.

Tonight’s instalment of juicy villa gossip will see Anton attempting to woo Sherif’s former villa partner, 28-year-old Anna Vakili.

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Love Island Anton Anna

Viewers can watch as the muscly gym owner takes his chances to impress the stunning pharmacist, after sensing that his luck with love interest Molly-Mae may have run out, with her bond with boxer Tommy growing closer.

Speaking to Anna he says: ‘You look amazing tonight as always. You know I value you so much in here. You’re my favourite girl in here.’

‘Obviously Molly has come in and she is very much my type. You know that. I don’t want you to feel like you’re vulnerable in here. As long as I’m in here, I’ve got your back.’

Anna then goes on to say: ‘Thank you babe. Obviously, I want you to find someone.

Love Island Anna

Making sure to make his feelings clear, Anton continues: ‘As much as Molly is my type, she’s beautiful from the outside-in, you’re beautiful on the inside and out. You’re not necessarily my absolute type on paper but Molly, who is someone who is my type, I still wouldn’t want to be with someone like that.’

Love Island is on tonight at 9pm on ITV2.