Body language genius Judi James gives her verdict...

Now got body language genius Judi James to analyse three key moments from Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt‘s Love Island journey. Here’s what she found…

Love Island couple Camilla and Jamie: Their first date

‘On the one hand Jamie was the perfect first date guy. He leaned in towards Camilla, signalling undivided attention, but this it was incongruent as his eye-gaze was all over the place as they spoke. He was over enthusiastic as she answered his questions, as though trying to imply they have loads of things in common. Camilla looked almost relieved to have found her ‘ideal’ guy at last but my first worry was she might find she’s being led along or even used.’

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Love Island couple Camilla and Jamie: Their first night in the hideaway

‘Camilla and Jamie performed ‘polite’ spoons in the bed with the duvet acting as a very large chastity belt. Jamie rolled apart a little too quickly for romantic comfort; although he did roll back to place his head onto her lap and curl up like a small child. Camilla tickled his back, which created a strong maternal/infantile vibe that suggested he saw her as more of a meal ticket to Love Island survival than a genuine mate.’

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Love Island couple Camilla and Jamie: Their Dirty Dancing moment

Love Island Camilla and Jamie

‘Jamie not only pulled the lift off without any obvious signs of a hernia but he lifted Camilla with the kind of strength, balance and longevity that created instant hero status. But was it to impress Camilla? Unfortunately not judging by his body language ritual as soon as she was back in the water. While she clung on like a lovesick limpet, Jamie looked away from her and to others, clearly preening and showing off to the guys. This gesture looked more like a power-posture to the rest of the lads, creating instant domination. Camilla was little more than a prop in this scene.’