Not quite the A-List treatment you'd expect...

Usually an appearance on one of the year’s most popular reality shows is guaranteed entry wherever you’d like to go. Bars, restaurants, hotels, you name it – many would imagine that those who merely appeared on ITV2’s Love Island would have no trouble entering, let alone the winners of the series!

Unfortunately for Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, this wasn’t the case – as they were blocked from entering a club in London’s Mayfair district over the weekend, due to their link with the show!

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Former acrobatic performer Cara attempted to enter a club on Park Lane with other half Nathan over the weekend – a place where, interestingly, she used to work. However, he was allegedly unable to go into the venue because he was on Love Island – and Cara wasted no time in taking her disappointment to Twitter.

‘Interesting when where you worked won’t allows your boyfriend in and specifically says it’s because he’s from “LoveIsland” @dramaparklane’, she wrote on Sunday (11th December).

Nathan was also very prepared to voice his upset, Tweeting: ‘Getting knocked from @dramaparklane because the lady at the door said I was in love island ! What a disgrace ! Stay humble drama’

Taking her hit back at the club even further, Cara then wrote: ‘Love that I worked there put so much dedication in and we say we class each other as family? clearly too good for me after ‘Love Island’

Understandably, their fans leapt to their defence and chimed in with encouraging words – even their fellow Islander, Olivia Buckland, expressed her outrage, responding to Nathan’s post saying: ‘This is awful!!!’

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Yet it’s not all doom and gloom in the slightest for Cara and Nathan – having recently returned from a lovely holiday in Florida, they’ve also become ‘parents’ to a French bulldog named Sonny, and it’s clear how happy they are in their new complete family.

Family lazy Sunday 💙

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If it’s any consolation, Cara and Nathan, you’ll always be welcome at Now Towers!