Looks like this islander has won over some fans

Love Island‘s Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have been on and off more times than a light switch these days and now it looks like the pair have called it quits again!

In Sunday night’s ep of the hit show Olivia decided the pair needed a break after she claimed that she feels like she needs to be on eggshells around her man.


Speaking in the island Beach Hut Chris broke down in tears about the demise of his relationship as the reality star revealed that he feels like he’s ‘suffocating’, the popular islander continued: ‘it’s just hard, because I ain’t a f***ing bad person. The problem is I can’t be with someone like that.’

Aww, someone get Chris a tissue ASAP!

Since Chris’ arrival he has left viewers undecided, after he referred to himself as a ‘polar bear’ whilst breaking up with dumped islander Chloe Crowhurst, he then claimed that: ‘everyone in this villa fancies me’.

But now it seems like Chris’ hilarious actions and one liners – who could forget ‘garlicko’? – have won him an army of fans, and after seeing him break down in the latest ep Chris got people talking!

After the emotional scenes one user took to Twitter and wrote: ‘I’ve really grown to like Chris because actually seems like a nice guy, something Olivia doesn’t get #LoveIsland’

A second said: ‘I feel so bad for Chris but love that he can see when a relationship just isn’t healthy anymore. Definitely one of my fave guys. #LoveIsland’

A third added: ‘Idk how I went from absolutely hating Chris to absolutely loving Chris #LoveIsland’

And they weren’t the only ones…

Chris has even gained himself a whole army of celeb fans who can’t help but love him, TOWIE star Lauren Pope wrote: ‘Aw I feel so sorry for Chris, why is she being so hard on him for being a nice guy?!!

Even last year’s Love Island stars rallied behind him with Olivia Buckland tweeting: ‘Chris is such a tender little soul #LoveIsland’

Rykard Jenkins said: ‘Chris put Liv in her place. Girl is trying to hen-peck you. #LoveIsland’

Love Island presenter Caroline Flack previously revealed on This Morning, that she thought Chris and Olivia could WIN the show saying: ‘Their relationship to me feels so real. That bickering, that arguing, that not quite sure yet because it’s so early, if they like each other enough.’

With the nation backing him we just hope Chris finds his happy place once more, we need those LOLs one liners back in our lives!